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Survey Reveals 90% of Rural Producers in Brazil Recognize Importance of Biotechnology
Ngày đăng: 20/04/2017       Số lượt xem: 2

In an initiative to bring information to rural producers using biotechnology, Brazil's Biotechnology Information Council (CIB) conducted a survey on 1,250 rural producers to outline a scenario about farmers' understanding of the technologies used in soybean and corn crops, and to identify perceptions of their preservation in the field.

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Russia backs FAO work to tackle antimicrobial resistance with $3.3 million
Ngày đăng: 05/04/2017       Số lượt xem: 13

Russia is backing an FAO-led effort to promote food safety and prevent the spread of medicine-resistant "superbugs" in food and on farms in five countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe with a donation of nearly $3.3 million.

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International Consortium Sequences Resurrection Plant to Develop Drought Tolerant Crops
Ngày đăng: 03/04/2017       Số lượt xem: 11

An international research team led by Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands has sequenced the genome of Xerophyta viscosa, also called the ‘resurrection plant.' In their paper published in Nature Plants, the team reveals a genetic ‘footprint' of the amazing ability of this plant to tolerate severe drought for long periods of time.

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Wastewater an opportunity being flushed away
Ngày đăng: 28/03/2017       Số lượt xem: 31

FAO today marked World Water Day by highlighting the opportunity that treated wastewater represents for agriculture, and improved food security and nutrition. Globally, most wastewater is released into the environment without being treated.

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Scientists Publish the First Genetic Radiography of Pasta Wheat from 21 Mediterranean Countries
Ngày đăng: 23/03/2017       Số lượt xem: 28

A team of scientists from Spain, together with colleagues from the University of Granada (UGR), has carried out the first durum wheat genetic, phenotypic, and geographic adaptation study to date.

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U.S. National Academies Address PLOS One Article`s Claims about the GE Crops Report
Ngày đăng: 23/03/2017       Số lượt xem: 50

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a statement regarding the PLOS One article which claimed that there were conflicts of interest among the committee members of the National Academies who authored the comprehensive report on genetically engineered crops published in 2016.

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Fao Food Price Index Edges Higher In February
Ngày đăng: 09/03/2017       Số lượt xem: 48

The FAO Food Price Index rose slightly in February, marking its seventh consecutive monthly rise, led by increasing wheat and maize prices. The FAO Food Price Index averaged 175.5 points in February, its highest value in almost two years, marking a 0.5 percent increase from its revised January value and 17.2 percent above its February 2016 level.

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Nigeria hunger crisis deepens, spills over into Lake Chad Basin
Ngày đăng: 06/03/2017       Số lượt xem: 41

As conflict and instability continue, the food security situation in Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin is drastically deteriorating, FAO warned today, as it called for swift and decisive action from the international community to protect the livelihoods of millions of families dependent on farming, livestock and fishing for their food and livelihoods.

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Penn State Research Challenges Widely Accepted Vision for Agriculture, Says it may be Inaccurate, Misleading
Ngày đăng: 06/03/2017       Số lượt xem: 33

It has been repeated in recent years that food production must double by 2050 to feed the world's growing population. This truism has become widely accepted among academics, policy makers and farmers, but now researchers are challenging this assertion and suggesting a new vision for the future of agriculture.

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Researchers Sequence Quinoa Genome
Ngày đăng: 23/02/2017       Số lượt xem: 54

Quinoa is a grain that thrives in harsh environments, growing well on poor quality soils. This grain was once the staple "Mother Grain" in ancient Andean civilizations, but was marginalized when the Spanish arrived in South America.

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Survey Reveals 90% of Rural Producers in Brazil Recognize Importance of Biotechnology
Epigenetic regulation of antagonistic receptors confers rice blast resistance with yield balance
Study on Physical-Chemical Characters and Heritability for Yield Components in Rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Novel chitinase gene LOC_Os11g47510 from indica rice Tetep provides enhanced resistance against sheath blight pathogen Rhizoctonia solani in rice
Genetic Analysis of Teosinte Alleles for Kernel Composition Traits in Maize

Unique use of stone to protect the environment
Dissection of the genetic architecture underlying the plant density response by mapping plant height-related traits in maize (Zea mays L.)
Identification and expression analysis of OsLPR family revealed the potential roles of OsLPR3 and 5 in maintaining phosphate homeostasis in rice
Agriculture Boot Camp for Miss Uganda Contestants 2015/16
Vietnam and South Korea cooperate in handling orange agent or dioxin in Vietnam

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